With the new “App Your Future” app, innogy has produced a comprehensive retirement planning app which brings them to the forefront in the field of digitized personnel management and retirement counseling for company pension plans. An individual employee’s retirement plan is usually laid out in a personal interview with the personnel manager. This talk can cover many topics, such as background information about the retirement plan, a preliminary calculation of the expected pension, options for closing possible pension deficits, etc.

The new app makes it possible for employees to do their own comprehensive retirement planning, wherever and whenever they want. The high quality of counseling in this self-service mode helps to achieve a more streamlined and efficient personnel management structure. Users receive thorough, well-rounded long-term advice which is specially tailored to their needs. The app remains relevant to users over time: monthly updates promptly show changes in financial status, for example. In addition, future scenarios can be simulated: another child, a larger automobile – anything is possible, and can be reliably calculated. Our goal is to provide independent and comprehensive counseling for the widest variety of learning modalities.